Job: Vice President CSIS Regional Command Center Manager

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Reference Code: 11029668
Location: Tampa, FL, US
- Manage day-to-day functions performed by the Regional Command Center team in support of regional Security function, across multiple locations and jurisdictions in which Citi has a business presence/operation.

- Perform the critical role of 'Incident Reach back Command Support that facilitates and mobilizes necessary resources to ensure that the Regional CSIS staff can mitigate immediate risk and incidents.

- Knowledge and understanding of regional risk environments along with the ability to effectively apply appropriate crisis response protocols to mitigate those risks.

- Oversee, maintain and coordinate operational processes performed by the regional command center support teams.

- Ensure that management and regional command center support teams are properly trained in all aspects of command center process functions and requirements to ensure compliance with Global and Regional specific operating plans.

- Work in conjunction with the other Regional Command Center Managers to ensure consistency of protocol responses and dissemination of critical decision making information.

- Create and strategize a global impact on the regional policies and procedures for operational readiness to ensure it is up to date and exercised by the regional command center.

- Develop and direct the regional guidelines and databases to include; all regional facilities; call trees for senior business leaders and regional CSIS personnel; directory of Citigroup support units; directory of support organizations which would be utilized during a crisis and update country profiles.

- Create a protocol for the command center staff in identifying and developing response procedures that serve to support incident management while limiting exposures that field personnel could face during an event.

- Ensure that the regional COB and crisis management plans are documented tested, records retained on the testing outcomes and best practices learned.

- Participate with necessary CSIS Global policy committee(s) to ensure that issues affecting the Global Security Fire Life Safety policies are addressed as it relates to regional command and control issues.

- Produce meaningful MIS for management to review effectiveness and business impact.

- Create the architecture for preparation of necessary response plans and training exercises to establish baseline organizational response to events.

- Establish relationships with senior business leaders and interface with internal Citi functions and external agencies to promote functional excellence.

- Develop communications between the other regional command centers, to ensure that consistent actions are performed, as they impact the business and CSIS in general.

- Act as the communication lead and point of contact position of crisis communication control between field response personnel, senior regional CSIS managers and business leaders.

- Develop, manage and coordinate the day to day standard operational procedures for the Regional Command Center.

- Direct the process of security and fire life safety incidents are entered into the appropriate database and establish a procedure for check and balance of data entered those entries for correctness, coaching opportunities and data mining.

- Maintain management overview of issues occurring throughout the region and at a high level globally, through internet observation, news media reporting, establish intergroup communication with other CSIS support groups and word of mouth information gathering.

- Respond with written or verbal correspondence to internal business partners, service vendors and other critical providers for addressing issues.

- Review Post-Crisis actions and how well the Crisis Management Plan worked, lessons learned and update the methodology of the response plan as needed.

- Keep abreast of industry technology updates and share proposal with Global Technology Council.

- Minimum 4 year College Degree or equivalent experience in Military, Public Agency or Law Enforcement.

- Experience and or professional certification in crisis management operations.

- Ability to provide in-depth training to operational personnel with varying levels of skill and experience.

- Prior hands on disaster recovery and or equal emergency management certifications.

- Must be flexible and be able to work traditional and nontraditional work hours as so determined by an event or circumstances.

- Minimum 7- 10 years in military, law enforcement or private sector security industry functions with demonstrated competency in incident command and crisis management.

- Minimum 5-7 years of direct experience in prior administrative and public or private sector organizational command center management.

- Project management of developing workflows and operational realization steps.

- General understanding of financial management and accountability of functional expenditures.

- Demonstrated experience and prior exposure in crisis response management and operational participation in incidents and events.

- Provides critical leadership and active support of the regional security function.

- Understanding of a command structure.

- Crisis management tools and technology in the areas of communications, event monitoring and incident response.

- Knowledge of industry and public sector incident response protocols consent with regional agencies.

- Advanced software and hardware skills consistent with applications for successful execution of the function.

- Operational understanding of advanced relational database applications relating to a commend center a crisis management application/operation.

- General business operational understanding.

- Necessary technical expertise appropriate to the knowledge of security response and crisis management function.

- Effective strategic planning and execution abilities.

- Advanced vendor relationship management ability.

- Demonstrates a functional understanding of Security industry operations, technologies and processes.

- Provides critical leadership and active support, to regional teams, to ensure that risks and incidents are properly mitigated.

- Develop and influence cohesive teams that can adapt to changing situations and can function effectively in extremely stressful and chaotic conditions.

- Aids support and response efforts by adding value for provisioning resources in a dynamic and relevant capacity that enables responding elements to rapidly address an incident or crisis.

- Utilize a consistent planning method for assigned tasks that must be accomplished on a daily basis.

- Ability to operate at effective levels under high stress and nontraditional work environment scenarios.

- Exceptional analytical skills to define develop and manage multiple processes.

- Exceptional discretion of highly sensitive and confidential documentation.

- Exceptional interpersonal and communications skills through written and oral communication required to effectively interface with senior CSIS managers, senior Citi business managers and external contacts.

- Exhibit the ability to influence those entities that are not in direct management line within the CSIS organization.

- Exceptional planning, organizational and motivation skills to maximize productivity.

- Function with critical deadlines and managing multiple objectives tasks.

- Function with limited supervision in a multitude of situations.

- Display the ability to think "outside" of the box, being creative and providing quick direction in situations of high stress and immediate response.

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